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08 Mar

Government Productivity Plan Lacks Focus

The Government's productivity plan has been described as a "vague collection of existing policies" by the Business Innovation and Skills Committee (BIS).

The committee has questioned whether the plan has enough focus and said that results will not be guaranteed in areas such as skills and education.

Plans to increase apprenticeships to 3 million by 2020 were also criticised.  The committee said the plan lacked detail on protection, consultation and training for both apprentices and businesses.

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07 Mar

Pension Freedom Barriers To Be Removed

The Government has introduced a range of measures aimed at removing barriers that may stop people from being able to access their pensions.

In January, the Chancellor announced that he would be giving the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) the duty to cap excessive early exit charges.  FCA data shows that around 16% of customers in contract-based schemes who are able to access their pension could face an early exit charge.

Other measures outlined are:

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29 Feb

Lack of Flexible Working Hampers Employers

Employers may be missing out on the best skilled workers by not offering flexible working.

A report by the Joseph Rountree Foundation argues that the current lack of 'quality' part-time and flexible jobs is holding back the labour market by:

cutting businesses off from a proportion of skilled workers

-  ensuring some employees get 'stuck' in inflexible jobs and end up 'trading down' to get the flexibility they need.

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