Deregulation Tops Small Firms' Priority List

More than half of small business owners want the new Conservative government to prioritise reducing regulation, a survey by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has revealed.

The poll of more than 2,300 FSB members found that 53% believe that regulation is the biggest issue to tackle in the next five years.

The top five issues identified by small businesses are:

-  reduction of red tape (53%)

-  simplification of the tax system (51%)

-  business rates reform (44%)

-  develop employability skills of young people (41%)

-  investment in broadband infrastructure (39%)

Mike Cherry, National Policy Chairman of the FSB, said the survey showed that small businesses want "stability and certainty".

Summer Budget Announced

Following the Conservatives' majority with the election the Chancellor, George Osborne, has announced that there will be a Summer Budget on 8th July 2015.

Speaking outside Downing Street, Osborne said the July 2015 Budget will:

"Continue with the balanced plan we have to deal with out debts, invest in our health service and reform welfare to make work pay.  Bur there will also be a laser-like focus on make our economy more productive so we raise living standards across our country."

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