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03 Mar

Choosing A Company Secretary

This article looks at the role of the company secretary and how to select a suitable candidate.

Compliance for private limited companies in the UK means ensuring that the business is trading lawfully with all the many rules and regulations being adhered to.  In the past, the person responsible for this role was clear-cut: every private limited company was obliged to have a company secretary.

However, in 2008 the law changed and there is now no legal requirement to have one, although some companies still choose to do so.  So do you need one or not?

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04 Dec

Chancellor's Autumn Statement


Chancellor George Osbourne delivered his Autumn Statement to the House of Commons on Wednesday 3rd December 2014.  This is his final Autumn Statement before the 2015 General Election.

In summary:


The OBR expects employment to have risen by 500,000 in 2014.  Unemployment is forecast to fall to 5.4% in 2015 and to then settle at 5.3% and 5.6% by 2018.  This may impact on interest rates if the Governor of the Bank of England follows his forwards guidance on interest rates being linked to employment and wage growth.

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27 Nov

Company Car Taxation

The company car tax rules and how legislation encourages businesses to acquire more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

For many, the company car remains an essential business requirement and an important benefit in attracting, rewarding and retaining staff.

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